DPI Responds to Manitowoc Schools Virtual Charter School Ban

The Manitowoc Public Schools’ prohibition of students enrolling in Virtual Charter Schools is an exercise in futility, based on comments from a spokesman for the State Department of Public Instruction. Media Trackers reported Friday that  Manitowoc Public Schools Business Services Manager Ken Mischler said he is denying all requests for students to enroll in virtual charter […]

Manitowoc Schools Deny Students Virtual School Option

Manitowoc Public Schools are denying all requests for students to enroll in virtual charter schools this summer. If parents make such a request during the state’s open enrollment period in spring, school districts don’t have the option of rejecting enrollment in virtual charter schools. However after that window closes there is an “alternative application procedure” […]

Wisconsin’s ESSA Plans Fail to Impress

The due date for the proposal of the Every Student Succeeds Act is rapidly approaching for Wisconsin and concerns are being expressed that the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Evers, is becoming a road block to the possibility of any progressive reforms for Wisconsin’s education plan. ESSA is the federal law enacted in 2015 that replaced the […]

How a Barber Scissored Through Red Tape on the Way to a New Life

Photo courtesy of WPRI  Albert Walker, a professional barber who has many Packer players as clientele, is challenging Wisconsin’s barber manager license requirement that is keeping him from the title of store manager, despite his many years of experience and financial investment into his career. Walker will be testifying Thursday before a legislative committee on […]

After a Two-Month Pause, Finally Movement on the State Budget

While a hearing scheduled for Tuesday from the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) on Foxconn in Sturtevant will be getting all the headlines this week, it’s the follow-up meeting set for Thursday which may be more important for Wisconsin’s fiscal picture. The gathering will be the first official meeting for Wisconsin’s budget-writing committee since mid-June where actual votes on parts […]

Darling Sees Few Changes to Foxconn Bill

By James Wigderson, special to Media Trackers State Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), a co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee, said she does not think there will be substantial changes to the Foxconn bill that was passed by the state Assembly on Thursday. “I think the Assembly really dug into it and made sure that […]

The Anti-Mining Hysteria Begins

The environmental left has wasted little time in launching hyperbole at a proposed repeal of Wisconsin’s metallic mineral mining moratorium. Republican Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Rob Hutton on Thursday introduced a bill repealing the moratorium. on Friday The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters issued a news release titled “Tiffany’s Industrial Acid Mining Bill is […]

Democrats Gamble on Future with Bet Against Foxconn

Three democrats crossed party lines and voted in favor of the Foxconn bill yesterday, which passed in the assembly 59-30. Not a coincidence, all three who voted represent areas Foxconn is expected to be located. After the motion to send the bill to the Joint Finance Committee failed, the floor was open for debate. During […]

Tiffany: Ending Mining Moratorium Could Transform WI Economy

One of the sponsors of a bill to end Wisconsin’s moratorium on metallic mineral mining says the move could help transform the state’s economy. As Media Trackers reported Thursday, State Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Rob Hutton have introduced a bill that would repeal the existing prohibition on issuing sulfide ore mining permits. Tiffany told Media […]

Money for a Trolley, But None for Cops?

When the sun sets on the mayoral tenure of Milwaukee’s Tom Barrett, what will his legacy be, exactly? For years now, Barrett has apparently wanted part of his legacy to be an ill-conceived streetcar project running through the city’s downtown. While the project is paid in part through federal funds, critics have long questioned its […]