Kevin Binversie

Is a Coup Against Peter Barca Coming?

There might be more at stake than just 13,000 potential jobs with the Foxconn deal. Such as, who leads the Assembly Democratic Caucus in the near future. Currently, Wisconsin Assembly Democrats are led by state Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha). Barca has been the leader since the Democrats lost the Assembly majority in the 2010 midterms. In the […]

After a Two-Month Pause, Finally Movement on the State Budget

While a hearing scheduled for Tuesday from the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) on Foxconn in Sturtevant will be getting all the headlines this week, it’s the follow-up meeting set for Thursday which may be more important for Wisconsin’s fiscal picture. The gathering will be the first official meeting for Wisconsin’s budget-writing committee since mid-June where actual votes on parts […]

Money for a Trolley, But None for Cops?

When the sun sets on the mayoral tenure of Milwaukee’s Tom Barrett, what will his legacy be, exactly? For years now, Barrett has apparently wanted part of his legacy to be an ill-conceived streetcar project running through the city’s downtown. While the project is paid in part through federal funds, critics have long questioned its […]

To PETA, Cheese is Rape or Something

So it’s come to this with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and its continued assault on dairy farmers and the dairy industry in general. Cheese is Rape. Those aren’t my words, but those of PETA in its latest campaign announced over the weekend. You'd be surprised. Why Cheese Is the Most Sexist […]

Baldwin Voted to Confirm “Gray Wolf Judges”

Residents of rural Wisconsin got unwelcome news this week and have Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Madison), in part, to blame for it. On Tuesday, a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling denying the removal of gray wolves from the Endangered Species List. States in the upper Great Lakes states were able […]

Environmental Hypocrisy on Foxconn

Any day, another liberal objection to the potential economic development of 13,000 jobs from Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn for Wisconsin. This time, it’s the state’s environmental lobby which has gone in meltdown over the idea that proposed legislation to streamline the project will not comply with the state’s environmental regulations. Environmental organizations are raising objections over […]

Podcast: Interview with Gov. Scott Walker about Foxconn Deal

Media Trackers Communications Director Jerry Bader interviewed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker the morning after the announcement that Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn would invest $10 billion for a new 1,000 acre campus in southeastern Wisconsin. The main plant, which Foxconn hopes to open by 2020, will have a shop floor of over 20 million square feet; […]