Rep. Sensenbrenner’s Town Halls Become a Target of Leftist Protest

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s town hall meetings are becoming the focus of leftist protest as two groups have sent out emails urging supporters to attend the event. The protest group “Organizing for Action” in an email told members to attend Representative Jim Sensenbrenner’s Town Hall meetings with intent to protest. The protest group won’t be alone in their efforts as another leftist group, “The Indivisible” have also been known to protest Sensenbrenner’s town halls.

While Sensenbrenner’s purpose of his town halls is to give the public a chance to speak, the protest groups seem to look to create only disruption and division. The members of both groups have a very clear anti-Trump agenda, and seem to be the last remnants of Obama’s campaign organization. They also both have their own handbooks for how to conduct themselves at events such at Sensenbrenner’s Town Hall. The “Organizing for Action” group called for support in an email with some broad complaints that they believed should be conveyed to Rep. Sensenbrenner:

This is the perfect opportunity to let him know how you feel about congressional leadership’s misguided priorities so far — from a never-ending crusade to repeal Obamacare, to trying to fund an unnecessary border wall, to rolling back key climate and environmental protections that keep our communities healthy and safe.

Looking a bit deeper into their guide book titled the “Recess Congressional Toolkit,” it reads much the same as other “resistance” guides calling for organization, to be persistent, and to ask a lot of questions. Unlike most groups however, in a new tactic they warn against bringing signs not because they view it as a disruption or disrespectful, but because they believe the more you blend in, the more you’ll be able to talk:

“Don’t bring signs. Bringing signs will result in the MOC’s staff steering clear of you and handing the mic to someone who looks more friendly or neutral. The same goes for buttons and t-shirts. Look as neutral as possible at the town hall.”

Unlike the seemingly more reserved “Organizing for Action” group, their counterparts, “The Indivisible” group, have a history of stirring up a bit more trouble.  As a group that has protested Sensenbrenner’s town halls in the past, they aren’t afraid to cause disruptions. obtained closed group messages which reported Joe Kraynick’s, the leader of the Wauwatosa group’s motives in attending the town halls:

“This is our chance to showcase that Republicans have no answers for the really thorny issues we have, that they are spineless when it comes to dealing with Trump, and that the things they wish to do, such as cutting taxes for rich people and ending regulation for, say, companies that pollute our water (for example), are really really bad for people. He works very hard to control the proceedings in his favor. These town halls should be for us to air our questions, grievances, etc., not a stunt for him.”

“…don’t have to be jerks, but we don’t have to be nice, either. Tea Partiers weren’t nice in 2009 and 2010.”

While both protest groups plan to protest at Sensenbrenner’s town halls, the event will go on as planned.