With Vegas Body Count Still Rising, Anti-Gun Crowd Seizes the Moment

With the body count and number of injured still rising, gun control advocates seized the moment Monday morning following a massacre on the Las Vegas strip that killed nearly 60 people and injured more than 500. Twitter was alive with gun control advocates arguing more laws would have prevented the disaster, even though few facts were known. That included some high profile gun opponents:

While Las Vegas officials were still asking for blood donations, Wisconsin’s own Scot Ross saw a different priority:

While video suggests that shooter Stephen Paddock may have at at least one fully automatic weapon, virtually nothing was known publicly about the guns he used as of Monday afternoon. As such, gun control advocates had no way of knowing what, if any laws, would have stopped Paddock. But that didn’t stop them on the social media. An even greater mystery than the guns used is what may have motivated Paddock to massacre hundreds of innocent people at a country music concert. For those willing to instantly politicize the tragedy, the “how” was far more important than the “why.”