Walker Exposes Dem Hypocrisy on School Aid: Liberal Heads Explode

Despite a historic increase in K-12 in the 2017-19 state budget, Democrats continue to criticize the amount as not enough. Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling:

“As Wisconsin working families continue to pay more for less, the Republican budget further rigs the economy for the wealthy. This budget was bad from the start, and with his veto pen Gov. Walker managed to make it worse by cutting more funding from Wisconsin schools while keeping a tax break for 47 millionaires.”

Shilling’s claim that Walker cut school funding is disingenuous, at best. She’s referring to a budget provision Walker deleted that would have meant additional funding for districts that spend the least on their students. But the overall increase in K-12 spending statewide is $600 million. And Walker took to Twitter Friday to put out an inconvenient truth to the Left about school funding:

This prompted a fierce reaction from liberals:

Actually, Walker is entirely accurate. Doyle did indeed approve a $284 million cut in education for the 2009-11 budget. Walker’s critics argue that circumstances required it. But the Left’s mentality in the Walker era is that there is never justification for cuts in state aid to K-12 schools. Rationalizations aside, here are the facts:

  • This budget increases K-12 spending by an unprecedented $600 million.
  • Shilling is being dishonest when she says Walker is cutting school aid.
  • Jim Doyle did approve $284 million in K-12 school cuts.