WI Democrats Get Alexandria Right. One Wisconsin Now, Not So Much

Democratic members of the Wisconsin congressional delegation tweeted dignified and appropriate comments in response to the ambush rifle attack on Republicans at an Alexandria,Virginia park:


Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairperson, Martha Laning, issued a statement condemning the shootings. Scot Ross, Executive Director of the radical leftist One Wisconsin Now, took a different approach (The responses to Ross’ tweet are also noteworthy):

Ross also attacked  Kremer at OWN’s website. And OWN attacked Kremer on its Twitter feed:

We found no offer expression of thoughts or prayers (or condemnation of the shooting, for the matter) from Ross’ or OWN’s Twitter feed, nor at the OWN website. The contrast between OWN’s and elected Democrat’s reactions to the shooting is notable, given that the mainstream media in Wisconsin often turn to Ross as a credible source for liberal perspective in political stories.