Jacque Punished over Prevailing Wage

Republican State Representative Andre Jacque tells Media Trackers that he has been stripped of his Assembly committee chairmanships by Speaker Robin Vos as punishment for holding a hearing on prevailing wage reform legislation in the Labor Committee this past legislative session. A news release issued by Vos’ office Wednesday afternoon showed that Jacque was the only committee chair not to retain a chairmanship for the next session. Jacque is the only non-freshmen member without a committee chairmanship. Jacque told Media Trackers Vos made no secret of the reason why:

“He basically said that there needs to be an example set. My decision to hold the hearing on prevailing wage reform was something that he strongly disagreed with and that there needed to be a punishment. It’s not unexpected in terms of what came about. It’s something that, I understand from my colleagues, that he communicated to the rest of the conference.

It has been communicated by the Speaker that if others were to act similarly to what I did this past session that your chairmanship would be removed immediately. I don’t want to speak for other colleagues who were left without chairmanships they would have liked. I’m the only person who had a chairmanship before that didn’t receive one for the upcoming session. The only others not assigned committee chairs were freshmen, as is usually the case.”

Jacque had chaired the Labor and Interstate Affairs committees.

Prevailing wage laws artificially inflate the cost of public construction labor costs. Vos and special interests opposed PW repeal efforts throughout the session. Vos at one point offered his own anemic plan which did virtually nothing. While a full repeal of PW ultimately stalled, a compromise plan put forth by Senator Frank Lasee  passed.

Media Trackers reached out to Vos’ office for comment. If any is received we will post an update.